About Us

Sound is not only something you hear, it is also something you experience.

"An European products from a Company that has acquired its experience on the Scandinavian market and built DACs on components from reputable company’s in Japan, USA and Europe"

Inventor Michael Cwejman acquired more than 35 years of solid and extensive experience by working in several companies mostly in Sweden, UK and Poland. His work spanned on various roles utilizing both analogue and digital technologies.
Throughout his many years in different professional capacities, he had passion for music reproduction. A desire to listen to music with all instruments nuances in a home setting was so strong that inspired him to pursue craft of making audio speakers with different variations, amplifiers and active filters.
Like with everything in life, one thing led to another.
As technology progress facilitated music in the digital domain, he wanted to have control over digital sound that was stripped of nuances produced by analogue technology was delivering. His passion and quest for excellence resulted in design and development of “ZWEIMANN” products.

His DAC is no technological marvel. ......."
I strive to keep it simple and clean, and that counts for both sound and design".....


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